Inside Out


Mira M. White

Acrylic paint, gesso, soft pastel, dry pigment in gelatin (cobalt blue) on paper
40 H x 30” W x 1.5” D
In black-wood float frame with plexiglass, 1.5” deep

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Inside Out by Mira M. White is work is about the Divine Feminine —our goddess and wisdom of the crone. The depth of color represents divinity. Cobalt blue (the real stuff) is suspended in diluted knox gelatin. Within the translucent figure are interior markings and indications of her chakras.

Mira typically develops visual structure and atmosphere in layers, with spontaneous mark making and abstraction — all to tell a captivating story through images. Inside Out is another example of this signature process.

Inside Out is a work of acrylic paint, gesso, soft pastel, dry pigment in gelatin (cobalt blue) on black paper mounted on black rag backing board. It is framed in a black-wood float frame with plexiglass. This powerful artwork is wired and ready to hang.

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