Artist FAQs

Q: Are you currently accepting submissions?

A: Yes, I am currently receiving artwork submissions for consideration. Please send 5 samples or less via email in files no larger than 600KB.

Q: What about shipping?

A: Currently, artists keep the artwork in their home or studio until it sells, at which time you will take the artwork to your nearest UPS store for packing, insurance and shipping using the shipping destination information I provide you. As works are accepted, you need to get shipping, packing and insurance estimates for each item from your local UPS store. For shipping options on your artwork page on, we can provide a few shipping options such as local pickup (available only in your location), local delivery (same) and shipping within the continental US. Once you are accepted, I will provide further details on how to get these estimates.

Q: What types of artwork will Artful Galleries consider.

A: We are looking for contemporary works, though not necessarily abstract. I love to have a range of representational and abstracted works, and am currently looking for figurative works to add to the collections, as well as 3-D works such as ceramics and small sculptures. Also, we will not be representing jewelry artists at this time.

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