I Am Woman, I Can Fly – Butterfly


Joyce Wynes

Acrylic on canvas
30” H x 24” W x 1.5” D

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I Am Woman, I Can Fly-Butterfly celebrates the triumphs of female empowerment throughout history. From the struggle for financial autonomy to the fight for equal recognition in the workplace and the right to vote, women have overcome numerous obstacles to secure their rightful place in society.

The image of the butterfly with a female head serves as a powerful symbol of liberation and resilience. Like the winged insect of the butterfly, women possess the innate ability to soar to great heights and chart their own course in life. By embracing our inner strength and determination, we can break free from societal constraints and pursue our dreams with unwavering confidence.

We have the power to fly as high as our aspirations take us and to land wherever we choose, guided by our own ambitions and desires.

I Am Woman, I Can Fly-Butterfly is on gallery-wrapped canvas with painted edges that continue the artwork design. It is signed and ready to hang.

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