Stretching the Boundaries


Joyce Wynes

Acrylic on canvas
36” H x 24” W x 1.5” D

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Stretching the Boundaries  invites viewers to contemplate the transformative power of stepping outside our comfort zones and embracing new experiences. As the figure in the painting stretches her physical limits, so too do we stretch the boundaries of our own minds, ultimately finding clarity and purpose amidst the turmoil of everyday life.

Through activities such as exercise, dance, or any other form of immersive engagement, we find ourselves in the present moment, temporarily escaping the complexities that weigh us down. This mental reprieve allows our subconscious to work in the background, generating insights and solutions to the issues that previously confounded us.

Stretching the Boundaries is on gallery-wrapped canvas with painted edges that continue the artwork design. The painting is signed and ready to hang.

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