Blue Clematis


Anne Morrison Rabe

30” H x 30” W
Limited edition print 1 of 10
Archival inks on aluminum

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Blue Clematis is a mobile photograph limited edition print 1/10 of an extreme close-up of the exotic Blue Clematis flower by Anne Rabe. Blue Clematis is 30” x 30”, is printed with archival inks on aluminum, and is ready to hang. It also pairs well with 30”x30” Red Anemone, also by Rabe.

About Anne Morrison Rabe:

Aspiring to be a children’s book illustrator, Anne studied art at UC Santa Cruz and the Academy of Art in San Francisco. As life had other plans, she embarked on a career in advertising and later founded a printing business with her husband. She has utilized many creative outlets over the years, but has always taken photos to record events, travels and the people in her life.

Anne uses photography as an illustrative rather than a literal medium. She looks at what others might pass by from an unusual perspective, finding the art in dewdrops on a Meyer lemon, or in a tiny wild mushroom growing out of granite rock through moss and pine needles.
Almost all of Anne’s photographs are taken with an iPhone and then edited using multiple applications. Truly mobile, this type of digital photography (iPhoneography) has unleashed a creative talent that allows her to chronicle and share her unique point of view. This method brings immediacy to her work – whether she is capturing a butterfly resting on an allium flower on the High Line in New York, or a full moon rising over Mount Diablo.
Anne uses different media to reproduce her work. An image of tree bark is printed on aluminum, then mounted on the same enlarged image printed on wood, which acts as a frame. An aluminum print has an acrylic print adhered to the surface, highlighting a specific part of the image. She has been experimenting with using metallic papers and three dimensional work on acrylic. The original subject dictates to her the medium upon which it is reproduced.
Through her editing processes, her finished images become almost painterly or abstract.

Anne’s photos have been chosen for exhibit at the Triton Museum of Art in Santa Clara. The summer of 2017 she was commissioned by Walnut Creek Magazine to photograph a garden featured in their publication. Her image of Mexican Milkweed was chosen for the cover of the “Summer of Love” edition. Her work has been exhibited at Jennifer Perlmutter Gallery as well as Indigo and Poppy, Lafayette; Make Hang Gallery, San Francisco; Michael Friedes Interior Design and AMFA Gallery, Orinda; the U.C. Theatre Gallery, Berkeley; home/made kitchen Bakery and Cafe and Hacienda Holiday Faire, Moraga; Art on the Rocks, Marquette, Michigan; as well as other art shows and exhibits in the Bay Area and beyond. Her artwork has been purchased by clients for display around the world including San Sebastian, Spain, Maui, Hawaii and New York City.

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