Moving Mountains


Carol Hayman

Photo intaglio
Paper size 11” H x 15” W
Framed size 16” H x 20” W x 1” D

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Moving Mountains is part of Hayman’s Shadow People series. It is printed on an intaglio French Tool press named Andre Eugene Beaudoin, using a polymer plate, handmade paper and Charbonnel ink. Moving Mountains is framed in a black metal gallery frame with Plexiglas and is framed and ready to hang.

Carol Hayman’s work suggests myths and daydreams in a dreamworld of cosmic nature, evoking notions of disappearance, deconstruction, and self-effacement. This framed, ready-to-hang image is one from the landscapes of the west Texas desert near the Devil’s River, Val Verde County, where Paleoindians made their home, in rock shelters or on bluffs. Shadows of mythical stories haunt the landscape. The spirits descended to earth by falling through a hole in the sky. Waterbirds carried Earth Mother down to the sea and set her on the back of a turtle, which became her home, with Turtle Woman. Earth Mother filled the earth with stones, watered by tears, to create humans, animals, and plants, which humans have the duty to nurture and maintain. The earliest arrivals were preceded by the spirits that formed the rocks and springs, clothed the earth in trees and grasses, and invited the animals to live there. Humans made the place their home, found all they needed, and filled the earth with their origin stories. Humans are here, but shadows of the spirits are still here too, always watching. The mythological world is part of being human, these prints bridge past and present, the mystical and concrete.

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