Representational expressionism in oil and pastel
About the Artist
Linda Dumont doesn’t just paint iconic Texas landmarks in her uniquely joyful style. She is an icon on the Central Texas art scene. Her vibrant colors and bold brush strokes bring beauty and gaiety to even the mundane, inspiring art lovers for a couple of decades now. Today, her artistic inspiration continues to cast a spell on audiences. Linda’s work appears endlessly fresh and her bold strokes instantaneous and confident.

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Linda describes her style as a hybrid of abstract expressionism and representational art. Whether painting plein air or in the studio, she spends hours turning blank canvases into multi-colored masterpieces, which capture the vitality and playfulness of everyday life.

Notice that in Linda’s work the unconscious becomes conscious as the real world is transformed through her unique lens. Linda’s urban vistas are visually provocative, compositionally exciting, and wild with color. Even buildings in Dumont’s cityscapes appear to move and dance, human curves morph into fruit or large bones. Many who stroll through Linda’s refreshing world of color are smitten and take a work or two to keep the magic alive. Don’t be surprised if this happens to you.
Austin, Texas

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